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Beauty Truly Does Lie In the Eye of the Beholder

Photography is more than just a business. For me, it is a form of art. I use the camera to capture beauty often overlooked.   My goal is to capture moments which portray more than that which is seen but that which is unseen. My hope is to help others to begin to identify beauty, then to appreciate that which exists all around them.

North Carolina holds many hidden treasures. Those who work and play here are blessed with majestic Smokey Mountains to the North and West, as well as several hundred miles of historic islands and beautiful coast land to the East. One can enjoy a tranquil sunrise along the coast or from atop the beautiful Blue Ridge, where views towards the west are just as exhilarating and offer spectacular sunsets as well.

If not careful, we get caught up in hurried lifestyles; unable to see, much less enjoy, beautiful moments meant to draw us towards The Creator - bringing solace to our souls. Society has a way of robbing us of the ability to slow down long enough to even take notice. Its easy to get caught up in the rush. If not careful, we lose sight of what's important and settle for that which holds less meaning.

I'd rather spend time searching out, then revealing, the secret hidden places than compromising value for the sake of gold. Time is our most precious asset. I peg value to it, rather than gold. I would that those caught up in the struggle to attain that which is fleeting might take notice of a single moment and wonder at the beauty contained therein. I travel roads less traveled in the hope that others might catch a glimpse of life outside the boundaries society tries desperately to mold us within.

The same holds true with all of nature. We see it all around us, but rarely slow down enough to ponder it's grand design. Albeit a change in season or cry of the hawk, subtle distractions designed to draw us from the mundane are often overlooked. I used to dread the cold of winter, now I embrace it. If it be possible to teach the least (and it certainly is) that the seasons and all God's creatures were designed w/beauty and purpose in mind, then I find purpose.

The same holds true w/each of us. Each individual soul holds eternal value. Its far too easy to find fault in others. I prefer to seek out the unique beauty in individual personality rather than place emphasis on that which is fleeting.  Whether emphasizing kindness, gentleness, wisdom or love;  long-suffering, patience, resilience, or diligence; my goal is to  identify the beauty that lasts long after the temporal fades  w/time, and to present each subject in it's most appealing light

As the art of photography leads me down paths unknown, I embrace each new challenge w/the hope of capturing the allure of moments less noticed from an ever broadening perspective. Hopefully, others will learn to slow down long enough to live in the moment as well.


"Every mans work, whether it be literature, or music, or pictures, or architecture, or anything else, is always a portrait of himself."